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What the riders are saying...


They seem to have less drag and give better edge control. Was a skeptic but then I did lots of side by side testing with great results.


Gene Cooper
on a 7′10″ C2 Speedhull Cooperfish Surfboard

Gene Cooper on a Bulletfins™ No-Alibi™

I've been riding the 9 and a quarter inch No-Alib in a 6'10 Cooper design V Pin. The fin seems to have added extra stability in the tail while improving turning response. Feel the diference in a bulletfin, I have and now im stoked.. 

C. Vail

Watch Chris surf:



Chris Vail rides Bullet Fins

All right...I just got the best freaking wave at the point in a long long time. That thing rips, it rips! It works, it definetly works! That's all I got to say.

Brian Adair

Brian Adair rides a Bulletfins™ No-Alibi™

"I Just got my new 7'10" Cooperfish Speedhull and it came with your 9.25" No-Alibi BulletFin. I am very satisfied with the way it performs. The fin was perfect; loose with plenty of drive, allowing full rail turns on some nice waves. I have been using the same length No-Alibi on a 7'4" Cooperfish V bottom with really good results, roundhouse cutbacks are especially fun, and off the lips are no problem. I have to endorse this fin with 5 stars, a winner in every aspect. I could use this fin in all my boards and have the ideal set up. Thanks Bulletfins!! "


Mark Brunschwiler
on a Cooperfish Surfboard

mark brunschwiler on a No Alibi Bulletfins

"I rode your fin on my 9'6" in mainland Mexico. The Bulletfins No-Alibi immediately made the board perform more positive off the bottom and top of the wave. As for noseriding, it really made the tail lock in extending each noseride. This fin increased my performance on the nose and the tail!"


Mike Downing
on a Cooperfish Surfboard

Mike Downing riding a Bullet Fin in Mexico

I surf daily and like to try new boards and fin set-ups but I was skeptical that the Bulletfin's No-Alibi would provide a noticeable improvement in board performance. To my surprise, I could feel a subtle difference on the paddle out!. Mid-way through the first session I was convinced the fin worked but the conditions weren't good enough to make a full assessment. It wasn't until the next week and during my 3rd session with The No-Alibi that I really experienced what it could do. In clean, shoulder-high waves I was blown away by the turns I was making. Unreal!!!!!

I'm getting the short board thruster version next.

James Rea, Ventura, CA

James backside on a Bullet Fin

Thats the fastest, most responsive fin that I have ever rode!

Dougie Pettibone

Doug Pettibone on a Bulletfins™ No-Alibi™

"Tried your fin in my 10' Cooperfish but had to pull it out after I got run over needed to do some repair to keep the board water tight. I raced home and grabbed another board, a 9 footer. I usually ride this board only when it is 5 feet plus with a 9” conventional fin. In smaller waves it is like w skiing behind an under powered boat. I did not think it was going to work out too well as the surf was on the small side at 3' - 4' and a little slow for this board. Boy was I surprised. Your fin made this board plane like it does in much bigger surf. I got a lot of speed turning at the bottom and was blown away by the control it provided….especially being only 8.25 “.

Please let me know when the 9" Bulletfins arrive. The 8” will stay in this board and I want to put the 9” in my Cooperfish Surfboard."


Steve Dolan

Steve Dolan riding a Bullet Fin









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